Vibrant Relationships

The hardest thing on the spiritual journey are intimate relationships. When you start to awaken you start to realise not only the great love that is inside of you but also all the limiting patterns, all the darkness and all the pain you have been trying to hide from. This gets played out nowhere more than intimate relationships. Jack helps clients get the intimate relationship they truly want and deserve by looking deeply at the patterns we hold around intimate relationships, so we can manifest the love of our life and be truly nourished physically, emotionally and spiritually in a relationship…

  • Get the deep connection you have always dreamed of
  • Get a vibrant intimate relationship that nourishes you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • Get your vibrational match in a relationship, so you can both grow together
  • Let go of the unworthiness that holds you back from your dream intimate relationship 
  • Let go of limitations and darkness that create self-sabotage in your intimate relationships
  • Let go of pain from the past that stops your success in intimate relationships 
  • Align with your soul and manifest the intimate relationship it really wants
  • Align with your true inner power and attract a relationship from that vibration 
  • Align with your totally healed self and attract a  relationship from that vibration

We all have so many patterns to look at in intimate relationships. The current or lack of intimate relationship we are currently attracting is always a result of what we feel about ourselves within and has nothing to do with the other person at all. This realisation gives us our power back. Through four powerful sessions on this unique personal program we will go deep into your intimate relationships, so you can manifest the relationship your soul truly wants and you deserve from all your efforts on the spiritual path.

Jack has learnt so much about intimate relationships. One from the difficult challenges the universe sent him in his own life to learn quickly and two from working with hundreds of clients on their intimate relationship challenges in many different contexts. No-one is the same but there are many consistent patterns Jack sees. As spiritually awake people we have the duty to bring the spirituality into all aspects of our life and none more so than our intimate relationships, as they teach us so much and can bring such deep joy to our lives. 

In a vibrant relationships program you get four sessions. In each session you get 45 minutes online with Jack, where you can share your deepest vulnerabilities, deepest problems, deepest desires, deepest heartbreaks and deepest dreams in a safe enlightened space of pure love. Honestly Jack has seen it all and can hold safe space for anything. In the session Jack will also look into the deeper consciousness and energy system to see what limiting patterns needs to be worked on, as well as down to earth practical advice from the hundreds of cases he has worked on.   

You then get your personalised meditations after the session. These give you the unique energy vibration you need right at this moment in time to support your intimate relationships and help align your vibration with the intimate relationship your soul truly wants and you deserve.

You can work on this program if you feel called and it doesn’t matter what stage you are at with your intimate relationship. You may be looking to improve an existing relationship, find the courage to leave an existing relationship or be single and looking to manifest the relationship you really want now in your life. 

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“I am at a very transitional stage of my life. Whilst l was embracing these new opportunities, l was actually being quite unmotivated in terms of sorting out my working life. After a few sessions with Jack, l felt much more motivated and inspired, experiencing a burst of dynamic energy which l can only attribute to the meditations he gave me. Thank you very much to Jack for his guidance and straightforward, no-nonsense brand of practical spirituality which really helped me to up my game!”


“I had a 45 min coaching session over skype. Afterwards Jack sent me a written dynamic meditation and a guided audio meditation. The whole experience was very enlightening and I learned a lot about myself. Jack held space and I felt I could trust him and so was more free to talk openly and be vulnerable. I left the session feeling empowered and positive about my soul and life purpose. Thank you Jack”


“I was guided by Jack to discuss my spiritual awakening, through his expert intuition. I have received tremendous insights through Jack’s gifts to understand what happened and what needed to happen! The two meditations I was given to guide and heal on a subtle level were wonderfully powerful and healing. I definitely recommend Jack’s services, I feel very happy with what I’ve received “