Vibrant Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is tough. We often need a lot of help to understand what the universe is trying to teach us during a spiritual awakening and encouragement to make the necessary steps to change our lives in a way that is much more deeply aligned with who we truly are. Awakenings usually mean the Universe smashes you in the face to get you to wake-up!! It can be physical illness, a break-up, a job loss, a traumatic situation and many other things that cause the initial awakening and a deep search for answers in your life.

Often we end up going around in circles. The purpose of this program is to stop you going around in circles after a spiritual awakening for years on end and instead start to understand what the awakening was all about. It is the program Jack wishes he had when he went through a very difficult awakening aged 20 at the University of Exeter and struggled immensely for a couple of years. He makes things simple, approachable and practical so you can start to fully unleash the radiant creative aspects of your awakening rather than stay stuck in limitation, questions and darkness the awakening inevitably brings on.

This program is deep!! Through Jack’s very rare ability to change things on a consciousness level and the deepest level of the subtle energy system you will transform the fear that has come from your spiritual awakening, work through problems in the energy system/thoughts/emotions/body that have manifested to block the fear and learn what the Universe is really doing to you to help prepare you for the next stage of your journey. You will…

  • Find out the fundamental evolutionary fear(s) that are holding you back
  • Find out how your energy system has compensated and how this affects your everyday life
  • Find out how this affects your thoughts/emotions/body
  • Go through evolutionary shifts in one month that would normally take years
  • Go through the spiritual awakening process with relative ease and grace
  • Go through an intense transformation where you are re-birthed as the person you came here to be
  • Heal serious past-life trauma that gives you stuck in the self-sabotage of your evolutionary process
  • Heal blocks to the manifestation of the creative aspects of your awakening
  • Heal trauma from the awakening, so you can focus on the light and creative processes of it

Jack goes much deeper than others to get to the real root causes of why you awakening now, what needs to be worked on so you can go through the evolutionary shift and how this has all manifested in your everyday life (the universe is always giving you clues but very few can read the patterns at a deep level). This is not like other modalities, it is much more powerful. Jack had the bravery to step away from all modalities despite being an exceptional well trained individual because he wanted to share his healing and evolutionary power with others in the most simple and accessible way possible.

The simplicity is the genius. All that is required is four 45 minutes online sessions, where you can share from your heart and we can gently go deeper into your awakening and the transformation it is bringing into your life. Then you get a personalised meditation with the exact energy and vibration you need for your awakening right now. This continues the momentum from the online session and allows your evolutionary journey to be defined by ease and grace as much as possible.

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“I am at a very transitional stage of my life. Whilst l was embracing these new opportunities, l was actually being quite unmotivated in terms of sorting out my working life. After a few sessions with Jack, l felt much more motivated and inspired, experiencing a burst of dynamic energy which l can only attribute to the meditations he gave me. Thank you very much to Jack for his guidance and straightforward, no-nonsense brand of practical spirituality which really helped me to up my game!”


“I had a 45 min coaching session over skype. Afterwards Jack sent me a written dynamic meditation and a guided audio meditation. The whole experience was very enlightening and I learned a lot about myself. Jack held space and I felt I could trust him and so was more free to talk openly and be vulnerable. I left the session feeling empowered and positive about my soul and life purpose. Thank you Jack”


“I was guided by Jack to discuss my spiritual awakening, through his expert intuition. I have received tremendous insights through Jack’s gifts to understand what happened and what needed to happen! The two meditations I was given to guide and heal on a subtle level were wonderfully powerful and healing. I definitely recommend Jack’s services, I feel very happy with what I’ve received “