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  • In-depth clarity on how to progress their hockey skills
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  • Leading coaching from a high quality technical coach
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  • Improve Their Hockey

  • Top-Level Coaching

  • Bespoke Individual Feedback

  • Learn High-Level Skills

  • Intensive Fun Training

Technical Sessions

  • Detailed individual feedback

  • Lots of touches on the ball

  • Fun and Challenging

  • Wide Range Of Game-Realistic Skills

  • Rapid Skill Development

Technical Sessions

Technical skills are a vital part of any hockey players skill-set yet are unfortunately often not coached to a high enough standard for a player to really reach their potential. This is frustrating for a junior hockey player who wants to develop. In the technical sessions I deliver your child gets detailed technical support and feedback in a way that is completely game realistic and can help them progress much faster than just doing game-based coaching sessions.

Deeply Individualised
Your child gets to work on exactly what they want. Often in junior training sessions it can be frustrating for your child to have to do practices that don’t align with their own hockey development needs and at home it can be difficult to find the right space to practice their skills. In technical sessions they get to practice exactly what they need with the support of a high-level coach.

Technical sessions are above anything else great fun for your child, if they want to improve and be challenged. Often for a child that wants to get better junior hockey training sessions can be frustrating, as the intensity is not high enough and the coach is not good enough to really stretch them. I make technical sessions appropriately challenging, with lots of positive encouragement and support.

Real Progress
I am convinced that few hockey sessions offer real deep progress for a child that really wants to improve. In technical sessions there is a chance for a very quick and game changing development, which allows your child to develop skills that help make them stand out and a much better player. This leads to a deep satisfaction and deeper love for the game, as well as a much greater
chance of success.

Technical Sessions contain the following

  • 60 minutes of high intensity technical training

  • Detailed Individual Feedback

  • Lots of touches on the ball

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