Strong Mindset . Holistic Success . Consistent Enjoyment

Does Your Child Want This?

  • Success In Hockey

  • Strong Resilient Mindset

  • Balance Hockey With Other Aspects Of Life

  • Consistent Fun and Enjoyment

  • Feel Consistently Confident

  • Enhance Their Leadership Skills

The Sporting Success Program

  • Understand Your Mind

  • Develop Bespoke Psychological Strategies

  • Reduce Stress and Increase Flow

  • Entirely Online- easy to fit around other commitments

  • Scientifically Based

  • Real Life Practical

The Sporting Success Program

There are so many aspects to reaching your potential as a aspiring junior hockey player. One often under-rated and under-coached aspect for the keen junior hockey player in reaching their potential is training the mind for success, which often separates those who reach their potential and those who don’t. Generally hockey players only start to train their mind later in their career, if at all.

On the sporting success program we put this right and put in place great foundations for not only amazing success in your child’s hockey journey but also vibrant mental health throughout life.

This program was originally developed in my partnership with the CASS & Friends Charity, an amazing Cotswolds charity that helps young high performance athletes in the local area financially with their participation and training in high-level sports. I loved the program we developed and got some great results. As a result I decided to offer it as an online program to junior hockey players, as I felt this work was invaluable and was a valuable addition to the hockey world.

Long-Term Success
The sporting success program is a great chance for your child to put foundations in place that not only help them become more successful in their hockey but many other aspects of life too. Hockey is not just about being better at hockey but using it as a chance to grow as a person too. I help your child thrive in their hockey and all aspects of life.

Understand and Train Your Mind
This unique program helps you understand and train your mind. Using scientific theories combined with hard practical real world experience, the program teaches your child how the mind works and the most effective strategies for training it. This empowers them to keep using the training going forward for optimal success.

Bespoke Individual Support
The program is bespoke to meet your child’s individual needs. In the first session we discuss exactly what needs to be focused on and then use the program to really hone in on those needs. I have a wide variety of tools I use to help and adapt accordingly to give your child exactly what they need right now. This ensures bespoke individual
attention and support.

The Sporting Success Program contains the following

  • 6 Individual Online Sessions (45 minutes)

  • 6 Follow-Up Tasks

  • Science Backed By Practical Real World Experience

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