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Meditation is an ancient practice that is now practiced in modern life all over the world. I make meditation more simple. Through my own deep training and self-enquiry into the science and art of meditation I help share the best techniques in an approachable and easily accessible way for the biggest changes in people’s lives.  




Enlightenment is something that fascinates people but is often misunderstood on many levels. I make enlightenment real and approachable. After my own enlightenment experience in the heart of University life and subsequent maturation of it from deep inner work, I make enlightenment practical and relevant to people’s everyday life.   



Deep down we eventually realise that all we really wanted was inner peace. But how do we get there? I share a deep and revolutionary perspective on inner peace to enable people to get profound inner peace in their everyday life, whilst still enjoying all that life has to offer as well.   


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