Since 20 years old when Jack had his enlightenment experience, his mission has been simple. Get the full enlightenment and share it with others as best he can in his lifetime. As his path matured he came to realise his biggest mission was to help make enlightenment more real and approachable for people by sharing about the way of being and the creative aspects of enlightenment.

Nearly all of the teachers/masters are teaching a limited version of enlightenment. They embody and teach from mostly just the way of being of enlightenment, without applying it to ordinary life enough to unleash it’s full creative potential. Jack shares about the way of being of enlightenment and all the creative aspects to create a truly fully integrated enlightened state that is lived in everyday life. This makes healing, spiritual awakening and enlightenment much more accessible, practical and down to earth for people so they can actually get some real life benefits from all this insight and a develop a deep love for life that helps their spiritual awakening reach it’s highest potential.

The 5 Divine Feminine Aspects 

Jacks shares about the 5 Divine Feminine Aspects of sexuality, love, diet, family and health. These allow us to feel fully grounded on Earth, develop a deep appreciation for life and learn to love the human experience. Sexuality is the most basic instinct of man yet when used to it’s highest potential can be a deeply spiritual experience that promotes amazing holistic healing, a deep love for others and an incredible respect for the body. Love is what we all want. Through learning to create a well-balanced nourishing intimate relationship, we learn great things about ourselves, our patterns in all our relationships and learn about deep intimacy with another person. Diet is also so simple but so incredible in it’s highest potential. Through eating a whole-foods diet with lots of fruit and vegetables we develop a deep love for our body, a mindful way of eating  and promote amazing states of vibrant health. Family gives us the opportunity to feel deeply nurtured, a deep sense of belonging and protection for others and gratitude for the deep unconditional love that family members can give us. Finally health is vital on the spiritual path. Through learning how to raise the vibration of our physical body for vibrant states of health, we feel full of energy each day and can serve others to our highest potential from a place of feeling really good.

The 4 Divine Masculine Aspects

Jack shares about the 4 Divine Masculine Rays of money, career, self-improvement and manifestation. Money is about your ability to align with the energy of money for financial abundance in your life, whilst career is about your ability to have a career that is aligned with your soul purpose. Both very practically helpful energies as we awaken spiritually.  Self-improvement is your commitment to improving your emotional responses and mindset to create success in the world. Successful business leaders tend to be very good at this. Finally manifestation is the ability to co-create quickly what you want in your life through focused visualisation and other methods.

A Love For Life

When all the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine creative aspects are flowing to their highest potential we develop a deep love for life. On one hand we can tap deeply into the enlightened way of being of nothingness, yet also allows this to flow to all creative aspects of life. We feel nourished, our needs are met on a human level and we radiate a true love for life into this beautiful world.

Highest Potential of the spiritual awakening

When we start to radiate a love for life, integrating an enlightened way of being and the creative aspects of enlightenment then we can truly say we have the whole enlightenment and have reached the highest potential of our spiritual awakening Xx