“5 Years of Transformation in 1 day”

Have you ever had the feeling that things just don’t seem to be progressing very fast on your journey? Despite you putting the work in!! You’re eating the right food, committing to your daily meditation and trying to connect with your heart intelligence but your health, relationships and happiness still aren’t at the levels you want them to be.

Or are you at the start of your healing and spiritual journey and want to make sure that you put the right foundations in place instantly so you don’t go round in circles like so many people? You know shortcuts exist!! Not pretend shortcuts or things that don’t require effort but through intelligent discrimination and the ability to reach out for help to the right people you know you can make rapid progress. You know all this from your success in business and other areas of life!!

Live-in programs are for rich individuals who want to seriously up-level their health, relationships and happiness through one on one work with a powerful revolutionary spiritual teacher. We can do so much in one day!!

  • Feel massive shifts in your levels of health
  • Feel massive shifts in the quality of your relationships
  • Feel massive shifts in your evolution and spiritual progress
  • Learn the key things you need to change for the biggest results in your healing and spiritual progression
  • Learn the key habits that will results in sustained vibrant health
  • Learn the key habits that will lead to sustained vibrant relationships
  • Heal trauma that is hidden and stopping you from deep authentic happiness
  • Heal childhood pain that has been deeply repressed and blocks your highest potential
  • Heal self-sabotage mechanisms that block authentic loving relationships

Jack works through his powerful presence and deep practical advice. This means he can create massive shifts in all areas of your life because of the powerful light he carries. combining the natural shifts from being in his presence with work on an energetic, mental, emotional and body level to help you integrate it fully. This is deep practical change in action through work with this unique individual.

Using Jack’s unique combination of skills we will create a personalised bespoke program for your one day. This can include but is not limited to yoga sessions, soul readings, dietary advice, healing sessions, tantric massage, meditation sessions, mindset sessions, breathwork sessions and exercise sessions. It is all about what is best for you right now!! Before our day together we will arrange an online call for 90 minutes so we can get to know each other and discuss your requirements for the program. We then arrange a day to do the program from 9am-5pm (including food breaks). After the program has finished we then give a couple of weeks for integration before arranging another 90 minutes call to check progress, clarify any questions that have come up and work out the best next steps together.

This program has limited availability because of high demand and Jack’s busy schedule, so please do get in touch early via email to avoid disappointment. We can then arrange a free 30 minutes discovery call to get to know each other, discuss potential dates and answer any questions you have.

Please arrange this discovery call before purchasing off the website and note this 1-day program is only available in the UK (please see longer programs for overseas options).


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“I am at a very transitional stage of my life. Whilst l was embracing these new opportunities, l was actually being quite unmotivated in terms of sorting out my working life. After a few sessions with Jack, l felt much more motivated and inspired, experiencing a burst of dynamic energy which l can only attribute to the meditations he gave me. Thank you very much to Jack for his guidance and straightforward, no-nonsense brand of practical spirituality which really helped me to up my game!”


“I had a 45 min coaching session over skype. Afterwards Jack sent me a written dynamic meditation and a guided audio meditation. The whole experience was very enlightening and I learned a lot about myself. Jack held space and I felt I could trust him and so was more free to talk openly and be vulnerable. I left the session feeling empowered and positive about my soul and life purpose. Thank you Jack”

Niomi, www.stellarwellness.se

“I was guided by Jack to discuss my spiritual awakening, through his expert intuition. I have received tremendous insights through Jack’s gifts to understand what happened and what needed to happen! The two meditations I was given to guide and heal on a subtle level were wonderfully powerful and healing. I definitely recommend Jack’s services, I feel very happy with what I’ve received “