Inner Peace Struggle

Enlightenment Experience

Jack Childs is a rare type of human being. Someone on a mission, someone who sought to integrate enlightenment into his everyday life and someone who lives to help others reach their highest potential. Since 12 years old Jack has been exploring his inner reality. This was triggered from the near death of his sister, which led to a deep questioning of life and illness during his teenage years. It then became a search for enlightenment. One evening when coaching High Performance Sport, aged 20 years old, he had an experience that he couldn’t understand at the time. Through self-enquiry and work with teachers/masters he discovered it was an enlightenment experience. After this his consciousness was permanently altered, though it took a phenomenal amount of work to embody this awakening and unleash the creative force of enlightenment into all aspects of his life.

Jack shares his work in a unique way which helps you heal holistically, spiritually awaken and go deeper on the Enlightenment path…

Holistic Healing

During his teenage years Jack was consistently ill. He had serious digestive issues rooted in extreme anxiety, which made him lack energy, be awkward socially and generally hate his life. Eventually he had enough!! Through changing to a plant-based diet, learning other key health habits and implementing a daily yoga practice he was soon in a vibrant state of health. But it wasn’t enough!! After his spiritual awakening Jack learnt about the deepest levels of healing from training in a mystery school for three years. It then became clear he was born with amazing healing gifts and a deep sensitivity for subtle energy. Jack has now worked with hundreds of clients on a wide range of healing problems and uses his unique gifts to help others who have ben searching to an answer for their problems for a long-time. Clients may have tried yoga, psychology, NLP, tantra, energy work (such as Reiki), Theta Healing, affirmations, counselling and many other things on their healing journey to be amazed at how Jack can take them to the next level.

Spiritual Awakening

Many people are starting to awaken spiritually now. Spiritually awakening is tough, as it strips your life of it’s current meaning and often happens after a difficult life situation or event. Jac found his awakening very difficult indeed. Through his own experiences and the wide variety of training he has done Jack is uniquely placed to help clients on their spiritual awakening journey. He shares his Vibrant awakening program to help those at the start of awakenings and his other programs all help those who have spiritually awakened unlock the highest potential of it.


Many people are getting interested in enlightenment. Unfortunately there is a tendency for teachers/masters to keep their students in a limited enlightened, which doesn’t unleash it’s full creative potential in everyday life. Jack shares to help you get the whole enlightenment. He shares that we need to embody both the way of being of enlightenment and the 9 creative aspects of enlightenment to truly radiate a love for life, which is the highest potential of spiritual awakening and the whole enlightened state.

Spiritual Teacher

After much inner work, training with many teachers/spiritual masters and working with hundreds of clients Jack had integrated the enlightenment into everyday life and was now ready to share with others as a powerful revolutionary spiritual teacher. He shares about holistic healing, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, focusing on everyday life problems that people care about. He loves the balance of his life. Jack works with clients all around the world as a spiritual teacher,  coaches hockey (the sport he loves) at Oxford University and shares daily inspiration through his social media outlets. He is also organising the 2020 A Course In Miracles UK Conference where leading ACIM teachers will share about radiant love and has been featured in Meditopia’s blogs, More To Life Magazine and at the UK Fruit Festival.