The Silence of Love- Wisdom For The Spiritual Aspirant (part 7 of 21)

Love is silent. Love is humble. Love is all-encompassing Open now to the hidden treasures of love from the heart of God, allowing it to shine like a bright silent jewel on all those whom you meet. Love is silent. [...]

Allowing Miracles to be done through you- wisdom for the spiritual aspirant (part 6 of 21)

Miracles are God’s will. You need do nothing but allow the miracle of silence to flow through you now. All will be done. All physical laws, all the beliefs about how things work in the world, all the beliefs about [...]

The paradox is the truth- wisdom for the spiritual aspirant series (part 5 of 21)

The paradox is the truth. The mind wants truth to be an absolute statement that it can read in a spiritual book, apply consistently to whatever situation appears to be arising in the world and is far inside the realms [...]

There is no truth- wisdom for the spiritual aspirant series (part 4 of 21)

There is no truth but one. This one truth cannot be put into words, it cannot be put into practices and it cannot be put into the greatest spiritual traditions. These all merely put to this one truth. The truth [...]

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The most important trait for enlightenment is sincerity- wisdom for the spiritual aspirant series (part 3 of 21)

Do you really want enlightenment? Then the most important trait is sincerity. Sincerity of intent, sincerity of effort and sincerity of devotion all combine to create the ideal conditions for the cosmic accident to happen. Sincerity of intent means making [...]

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You cannot fail on the spiritual path- wisdom for the spiritual aspirant series (part 2 of 21)

There are no failures on the spiritual path. All efforts are seen by God. The temptation is to judge your spiritual path as a failure or success as defined by the ego’s narrow interpretation of events but really there are [...]

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Trauma as a gateway to enlightenment: wisdom for the spiritual aspirant series (part 1 of 21)

Oh dear trauma you are most welcome here. I didn’t ask for you on a human level but on a deeper spiritual level you were just what I needed to awaken from the dream of separation. The trauma was a [...]