Inner Peace Struggle

A Struggle To Find Peace

My childhood was full of happy memories and a great family upbringing. My Dad was a businessman and my Mum an assistant school teacher, with my love of sport encompassing everything I did. At the age of 12 the near death of my sister from a tumour triggered a struggle to find peace and a deep questioning of life. As a result during my teenage years I struggled with anxiety and digestive issues, which no one seemed to have the answer too. I was comfortable on the outside, with my parents well off financially, a straight A grade student at school and still getting a lot of success in sport. However, on the inside I was struggling immensely and desperate for peace.  


A Search For Peace


During this period of seeking I had success in many aspects of life. This included a 1st class Sports Science degree from the University of Exeter, a gap year working at the top accountancy firm KPMG and working as a High Performance Sports Coach. This allowed me to explore peace in everyday life, as I saw the benefits and limitations of looking for peace through career success.


I qualified as a yoga teacher, having started to practice as a University student to get balance and reduce stress in my life. Yoga helped me find more inner peace and introduced me to meditation. As well as practice through yoga techniques I also learnt advanced meditation techniques off a spiritual teacher, which deepened my practice. I often meditated intensely, sometimes for hours in a day, as I explored how meditation could help me with peace.


I also explored the spiritual world, improving my understanding of myself immensely. I worked one on one with a spiritual teacher, explored non-duality and learnt about holistic healing. It became obvious to me that although spirituality was interesting and helped in certain aspects it didn’t give me the complete peace I was looking for. 

Inner Peace

Eventually the seeking of peace went away and I found the inner peace I was looking for. The key turning point was working with a new mentor, who helped me understand how to combine all my different experiences to get peace in my life.  This prompted the end of my search for peace and the focus was now on sharing my insights with others.