I couldn’t believe I had manifested exactly the same situation again!!

Amazing soul-level connection where we opened up to each other very quickly, seemingly lots of big potential to work together to bring some great things into the world and a strong physical attraction too. She was an INCREDIBLE WOMEN BUT…

AGAIN THERE WAS AN UNBALANCED INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP in her life. You can’t date someone if they have a boyfriend already and experience had shown me twice already that even though these women were high-powered in their work they didn’t replicate anywhere near the same level of power in their intimate relationships. All were in relationships when I met them, all had boyfriends that had cheated on them and didn’t treat them with much respect and all had a lot of things they needed to work on to manifest the relationship they truly wanted.

The first encounter had been about a year and a half ago, the second had been shortly after and lasted for nearly the whole year, whilst the third had happened very recently and inspired this blog post. The first two had left me really hurt and with some harsh lessons to learn, whilst the third felt more like a liberation and that I had finally got the lessons. It did also help that she was by far the nicest and most open of all three of them!!

THERE WAS OF COURSE LEARNING FOR THEM AND LEARNING FOR ME, which I will share over the course of the two parts of this blog post. Firstly in today’s blog post let’s answer the question of the title and look at the women.

Having known not just only these women but worked as a spiritual teacher/healer with many women in similar positions I feel I have a deep and unique perspective to share. It is not simple. On one hand these women are empowered and often very successful in their work but behind closed doors they are often in abusive and unbalanced relationships that are mentally controlling and they just can’t seem to leave them.

There are three critical points that have stood out to me again and again…

Firstly there is always a difficult relationship with the father. He was often absent when they were a child which the women unconsciously blame themselves for and then use as a reference point for the love they expect to receive in their lives. On one hand this seems to help them career wise as they drive to unconsciously get their father’s love and respect through career success but on the other it means they often have a very low level of self-worth in intimate relationships and attract boyfriends who feed of this energy. They tend to also be very easily manipulated individuals. Boyfriends will often be charming flirty guys who love getting women’ attention and can talk them around to almost anything but behind this are often cheating, aggressive and take a lot more than they give in the relationship.

Secondly there is often soul damage which keeps all this in place. This soul damage is from either traumatic events in this life or past lives (mainly past-lives), which result in part of the women’s soul being missing. This means she is ignorant to her really spiritual gifts/talents but also critically doesn’t have to face her real karma in intimate relationships. It is an unconscious decision to deny karma and the real darkness she holds. As a result these women often tend to be very busy individuals, who thrive off being very busy at work, making all the effort in intimate relationships and generally being the person who is fixing everyone else. This stops from feeling the real pain and emotions they hold but also keeps them stuck at the same vibration and unable to bring their highest potential into the world.

Finally perhaps the biggest lesson that these women need to learn is one of self-love. Behind the drive for career success and the boyfriends who don’t treat them well is a huge amount of self-hatred, mainly from the guilt they felt over their father when younger and from other difficult incidents in their life. The love for everyone else is a compensation for the lack of self-love they have within. They think they are loving the world but they are really hating themselves. They are the most wonderful women ever to be around or to be held by in a deep conversation because they radiate so much love and make you feel great but will often be very uncomfortable receiving your love or if you probe them to really open up more. They must learn that the secret to love and manifesting the life and intimate relationship they really want isn’t to love the world and their boyfriends but is to receive the abundant love that is already there. The love of God that can hold them in all their insecurities, all their imperfections and all their wonderful gifts/talents that they have to share with the world.

I hope this sharing has helped you at the deepest level and please see part 2 for the lessons I needed to learn from these relationships.