I wanted to be enlightened!! With such intensity and focus that I was willing to die for it and do everything I possibly could to get the seemingly ultimate.

It all started after a powerful enlightenment experience when I was twenty years old. After that nothing else mattered and my entire energy and focus was going to go towards integrating this enlightenment experience fully into my life.

It turned out enlightenment wasn’t all that it was cooked up to be.

The universe presented my with many wonderful teachers (see they weren’t all bad haha) to help me really embody and understand enlightenment at the deepest of levels, as it became clear that my life mission was going to be about sharing that. And what I discovered shocked me!! The whole enlightenment wasn’t the limited non-duality many talked about. The whole enlightenment was very practical and real world focused. The whole enlightenment had nothing to do with bliss. The whole enlightenment included your career, sexuality and diet?!

My biggest advantage was I had exceptional skills with subtle energy and highly advanced inner vision. This meant I could see the limitations of most spiritual approaches because I could see the deepest energy and consciousness behind what was really happening.

So what does enlightenment really mean?

Recently I was guided a new paradigm for exploring what enlightenment means, using my gifts with subtle energy to understand it and my communication skills to share it in a down to earth and approachable way. This is completely revolutionary stuff!!

The whole enlightenment is really the alignment of your consciousness with the enlightened way of being and the nine aspects of the enlightened creative force (containing five Divine Feminine aspects and four Divine Masculine aspects). These are down to Earth things: sexuality, diet, love, health and family make up the Divine Feminine aspects and money, career, self-improvement and manifestation make up the Divine Masculine aspects.

What did this all mean practically though?

Well firstly it means that many spiritual teachers/masters are sharing a limited enlightenment, mostly teaching exclusively from enlightened way of being without considering the creative enlightened force which flows into the world.

I had experienced the enlightened way of being when I was 20 and managed to embody it fully after lots of help.  This allows you to always go back into this space where you are unaffected by all of it and also tends to mean you start to develop exceptional mystic skills as well. I knew deep down this wasn’t the full answer though. Sure it was amazing to be able to go deeply into this space at any time (it had taken intense training in a mystery school and intense forgiveness lessons to fully embody it) and also to be able to perform seemingly miraculous healings on people again and again. Yet I was a deeply honest person who saw the limitations I still held from viewing that as the full enlightenment. I needed to keep developing the creative aspects of enlightenment and allowing it to flow into all aspects of my life without interruption, but this was proving harder and taking more work.

These things had been bothering me for a long time. I could see that even some of the biggest non-dual teachers in the world were talking about a limited enlightenment, I could feel at the deepest level that this wasn’t the end of my journey and I had been confused by the soul readings I had done on people where I had assessed the soul vibration rate. What I had found had shocked me!! Business leaders with little interest in traditional spirituality had again and again been vibrating at a higher rate than long-term committed spiritual seekers and sometimes even spiritual teachers.

Eventually I got the paradigm to explain why and now wanted to share things in a down to earth, approachable and practical way to help other spiritual seekers who were awakening and trying to integrate it into normal life.