The chicken is asking you where do you get your protein from?

No seriously firstly chickens can’t talk and secondly you would hope that it would have much better chat than asking you where you got your protein from 😊 Humans however are obsessed with protein!! And this obsession particularly sparks into life when you share with people you are eating a plant-based diet because people believe that meat is either the only place you can get protein from or the best source of protein (both wrong by the way!!).

My sharing’s are all about the spiritual- more specifically I help you integrate your spirituality into everyday life for vibrant health, vibrant success and vibrant happiness. Where does a plant-based diet fit into this? On the spiritual path the first foundation is to have vibrant health and the first step along this pathway is to start eating a better diet. You don’t want to be obsessive about diet but do need to increase the awareness and quality of the foods you are putting into your body. I recommend a plant-based diet focused on fruit and vegetables as the optimal way to eat on a spiritual path, as this raises the vibration of your whole physical body, makes you feel great so you can serve others optimally and is the best thing for planet Earth too (a love for life being a key aspect of spirituality).

So with this background in mind lets go back to our original question of where do you get your protein from on a plant-based diet, as I want you to feel fully confident in yourself and with others when you eat this way.

Firstly you need enough protein not as much protein as possible. This is worth bearing in mind with any aspect of nutrition but particularly protein, as people seemed to be convinced that more protein is better. So how much protein do you need? The general recommended amounts are between 5-15% of total calorie intake, which you can get by eating any food source bar refined products (refined sugar, oil etc). Whole foods work best. By eating a diet focused on fruit, green vegetables and supported by grains, legumes, nuts and seeds as necessary you can be sure you will get enough protein as long as you implement one single factor. You eat enough!! The only people who don’t get enough protein are those who don’t eat enough, which isn’t a factor in developed countries but unfortunately can be in Third World Countries.

Secondly the highest quality protein comes from raw fruit and greens. They contain all the amino acids (which make up protein) and are by far the most easily absorbable protein for the body because they aren’t destroyed from cooking. The second point is the key. What defines quality isn’t how much protein something contains or even really how many of the amino acids it contains but how easily your body can absorb the nutrients from it. By focusing on mono-meals (one fruit at a time) and optimal food combining when you eat other plant-based meals you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality protein possible.

Thirdly look at babies and look at nature. Mother’s milk contains around 5% protein, which considering this is at the critical stage of human growth gives you an indication of how much protein we really require. Then look to nature. All the strongest animals, including gorillas, chimps (who we are very biologically similar too) and hippos are plant-based and they seem to thrive with the protein they get from the plant-based sources.


I hope it has helped, though true confidence comes from your own experience and seeing it has worked really well for you. I simply share what has worked for me and what I know to help you. With this in mind I have one final point, which will hopefully illuminate to you how conditioned we are when it comes to diet and what is truly best for vibrant health.

Can you honestly answer what protein is and why it is so important for vibrant health? Not just from repeating conditioned answers but at a fundamental experiential level that makes sense logically too?

The whole conventional nutritional model is extremely mechanical in its breakdown of food into protein/fat/carbohydrates and many other macro and micro nutrients, which when you strip it back doesn’t actually make sense for vibrant health. Food is so much more than science can analyse and we are way more than a mechanical body. Science does it’s best and it is useful but it is a guess using limited tools at best on what makes up vibrant health, which fundamentally can never really analyse the whole incredible detail when it comes to the complex chemical make-up of food and how it impacts our health. It also ignores the human subtle energy system which is incredibly important to health.

There are actually two key things you have to answer for vibrant health (yes the first question is technically two but they are linked into one)

The first fundamental question to answer with diet is what our species-specific diet is and how I can implement this best in the modern world? The second fundamental question is what role does diet have to play in human health for the spiritually awakening person?

I will save my answers for another blog post and let you ponder your own 😊

Hope you have found this post helpful and would love to hear your comments/experiences below. Please also look at my vibrant health personal program if you want to thrive with a plant-based diet and learn how best to integrate other habits for optimal health.

With Love,

Jack Xx