The script is already written in a million ways to enable each apparently separated soul to return to source.

What is your journey?

The reality is you have no say in this journey, as the script of your life has not only already been written but has already happened. You are watching the movie back and reviewing what has already happened. THIS BRINGS SO MUCH PEACE AND LIBEREATION!! Nothing was your fault, nothing was nobody’s else’s fault and nothing has ever gone wrong in your life.

Sure we can look to improve and develop in the context of the dream but the deeper reality is you can do no wrong. Experiment, mess up and make the worst decisions of your life without fear, guilt or judgement. It is time to play and enjoy now!!

The journey was already scripted so long ago and you can now watch in perfect peace, perfect serenity and perfect love for life as the chaos of your script unfolds all around you. Keep the intention pure and strong to be a vessel to uplift humanity but also remember that this vessel can truly never ever do any wrong because there is no free will 😊

You are so loved and I thank you for sharing this journey with me through the “wisdom for the spiritual aspirant” series.

With Love,

Jack Xx

For maximum effect it is recommended to read this series in one entire reading- you can do so on the combined blog post here Xx