Are we living in a illusion or are we living in reality? The mind can never understand.

On one hand life seems so real- the ups and downs, the sensations of the physical body, the heart-opening emotions, the never ending thoughts and the incredible synchronicities give life it’s unique taste. Then bhamm we go through all illusions. It happened to me when I was 20 years old after coaching a high performance sports session at the University of Exeter- it all melted away and only the silence remained. This was mind-bending stuff!!

Then normal life returned again, with all my problems, all my emotions, all my thoughts, all the weird synchronicities and all the pain. The silence was still there too but more as a background reference point. Which one was more real? It was hard to tell, hard to integrate into one cohesive whole and hard to make sense of on any level!!

Years passed by. There were many teachers, many spiritual masters, many clients and many ordinary people in everyday life who came to teach me the truth of what had happened. The answer came. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE DEEP HEART-FELT LOVE FOR LIFE AND THE MYSTERY THAT CAN NEVER EVER BE SOLVED WHEN IN A HUMAN BODY.

The non-dualists want it to all be illusion bar God, the atheists want it to all be about the body and the spiritual aspirants generally want something in between. None are right or wrong. But for profound inner peace and happiness all must discover a deep heart-felt love for life in whatever way resonates with us. We will never know why life was created, why we came to be on planet Earth and why we came to be incarnated in our particular physical body and circumstances but we can still live in a heart-felt way that starts to bring peace to the mystery of our existence.

As the great Indian mystic Osho shared, LIFE IS A MYSTERY TO BE LIVED NOT BE SOLVED.

With Love,

Jack Xx

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