I LOVE TEACHING MEDITATION AND I LOVE THE UK FRUIT FESTIVAL, so it was honestly one of the best weeks of my life last week when I got to teach meditation at the UK Fruit Festival.

The UK Fruit Festival is the largest raw vegan festival in Europe, promoting and educating people on the benefits of a raw vegan diet focused on fresh ripe fruit. But it is also about a lot more than diet. There were my meditation classes, exercise classes, yoga classes, mindset workshops, spiritual workshops, lectures on how to write best selling books, be a big influencer on social media, relationships and other factors in leading a vibrantly healthy lifestyle.

It was amazing to be able to teach alongside big influencers such as FullyRaw Kristina, Dr Doug Graham and Melissa Raimondi, as well as the other fabulous teachers. My meditation classes were fun and varied. We explored meditation from a wide variety of angles, including silent meditation, partner work, exploratory dance, mindful walking, Qi-Gong exercises, chanting and chakra work. I got some great feedback and it was an honour to teach such high-vibe amazing people.

I have been to the UK Fruit Festival for the five of the six years it has run and the biggest reason I keep coming back is the AMAZING PEOPLE I MEET YEAR AFTER YEAR. So many great connections!! I met people from the USA, from Belgium, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Scotland and many more countries, sharing inspiring stories of transformation, beautiful stories on the vibrant health path and our dreams for the future. It was chilled out and fun but also a great space to allow a deep transformation to happen from within!!

If you want to find out more about me teaching meditation or speaking at your festival or event then please get in touch– I would love to support you.

With Radiant Love,

Jack Xx