Luckily so do many other high-vibe great people. It is always amazing to collaborate in a way the can be uplifting and useful for both parties involved and one opportunity that recently opened up for me was to partner with the world-wide meditation app company, Meditopia.

Meditopia has a beautiful mission. There mission is to “to help people all over the world discover happiness within themselves and develop the mental resilience to apply to their daily lives.” And they have done a lot of work to share this mission. They have produced 350 meditations in 7 different local languages, reaching 3 million PLUS people from all over the world with their revolutionary meditation app.

I will be producing a couple of blogs per month for Meditopia to be published on their blog page and shared in five different languages. How cool is that!! To view a blog post I recently wrote for them on “How To Feel Good Enough So You Can Live The Life You Deserve”, please click here.

With Radiant Love,

Jack Xx