The paradox is the truth.

The mind wants truth to be an absolute statement that it can read in a spiritual book, apply consistently to whatever situation appears to be arising in the world and is far inside the realms of the known. Yet truth is the ultimate paradox. And paradoxes are flexible, without consistency and without any logical pattern when it comes to the level of form. Confused?

Lets take some examples…

In non-dual circles you will hear a lot of people saying there is no need to seek anything, as what you are seeking you already are. Sounds clever hey? Yet teachers will also say without any hesitation that the biggest trait for enlightenment is to really want it and have a desire for the absolute.

Along similar lines some people will advise you that there is no need for any effort and non-action is the best way forward, whilst in contrast some people will advocate the need for discipline, devotion and dedication to your spiritual practice done with maximum effort. Sounds contradictory to me!!

One final example is the paradox that your decision making and ability to know what to do in a given moment seems to vastly improve as you align more with the enlightened state, yet many enlightenment teachers will say they know less and less as their state evolves closer to enlightenment. Again doesn’t seem to add up!!

All paradoxes come because of one simple thing…level confusion.

When giving spiritual advice all that really matters is that advice comes from the enlightened place in another individual through their vessel to the aspirant. The rest is a matter of form. Our conditioning is so used to judging things on the level of form, encompassing behaviour, values, so called morality and actions that we mostly struggle to comprehend that really the form is irrelevant. This means advice will always be different to different aspirants. Some may need lots of seeking and effort at that moment on their path, whilst others will need a gentle reminder that all is well and they can rest without such intense seeking and effort now.

Similarly level confusion can also explain our last example. The decision making and ability to know what to do in a given moment despite seemingly knowing less is because the enlightened individual taps into the stream of consciousness that is all-knowing to make decisions rather than relying on the conditioning of their past. Only beautiful pictures are painted. The enlightened person flows moment by moment in the stream of all-knowing consciousness to paint the beautiful reflection of their enlightenment on the movie of life, rather than rely on the “I” individual with all its conditioning, stories, karma and apparent illusory destruction to paint on the world.

Finally it is worth pointing out that words are always going to create a paradox because as Jesus s wisely puts in A Course In Miracles they are but symbols twice removed from reality. Words can only point to truth and will always create confusion. To judge an enlightened being or spiritual teacher by their words is a mistake because the true power comes from the subtle transmission they give off to people.   

The paradox is the truth because truth is everything yet it is also nothing.

This is where many Non-Dual and A Course in Miracles Students (my main spiritual path alongside) become limited and stuck in subtle separation. It is easy to say the non-dual state of God is the only truth and everything else is illusory but this silence of God really permeates through all aspects of the human experience and this is why you can fully know that all else is illusory. Not through knowledge but through the paradox that bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, samadhi and all appear to be there and can be experienced yet within the fabric of each is a force that renders all ultimately illusory but in time.

Enjoy the journey.

With Love,

Jack Xx

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