Miracles are God’s will.

You need do nothing but allow the miracle of silence to flow through you now. All will be done.

All physical laws, all the beliefs about how things work in the world, all the beliefs about the needs of the body, all the beliefs about the reasons for relationships and all the stories about your purpose are shredded with gentle compassion by the miracle. You need do nothing.

The miracle works outside time and space and as such is not subject to the same laws of this world and those that you think that you live by. The miracle heals all. All the wrong perceptions about what you think you are, all the wrong perceptions you project out onto others and all the wrong perceptions you have of this world. It is time for rest now.

Miracles are not done through effort or by any form of letting go (which is just a subtle spiritual mode of effort) but by merely being. Being fully alive and present to silence truly is the gateways to miracles.

I remember a very showy worldly miracle that appeared to happen through me when I was on an intensive yoga retreat. The power was immense. A lovely lady was unfortunately having what can only be described as a big physic attack, running out of the hall during the morning yoga practice after we had done some energy healing work the previous day. I was called to the hill where she was going through the battle. I merely did nothing but allow the miracle of silence to work through me, as I spoke words that certainly didn’t come from me and asked Jesus and Mary Magdalene for support in helping this poor lady heal. After five minutes the battle was over. The thing that was causing her a problem in her energy system was present no more, she had clamed down and was now in state of deep peace. A “miracle” had occurred.

Miracles can also certainly be much less showy as well and often these are the most powerful ones which no-one really sees on a physical level. Forgiveness is always the way. This has certainly been the case for me when I have forgiven those who sexually abused me when I was younger, a work colleague who rather appeared to stab me in the back on a worldly level and those who bullied me when I was younger. The shift in perception was the miracle. To be able to see them as Christ, completely free, pure and innocent, with the physical level results handed over to the grace of God with a deep acceptance that I don’t need to know anyway.

To allow the miracle to take place was all about allowing and not an effort. Allowing all the pain, all the trauma, all the bitterness, all the anger, all the isolation and all the perceived unfairness to be right there in the present moment and falling in love with my resistance to the whole process too.

Miracles are already happening but you need to get out of the way.

God’s will is the miracle. The more you allow the gentle silence of his love to work through your illusory vessel, the more the miracles will appear to happen through you and around you. 

Rest in peace and allow the miracles to flow.

With Love,

Jack Xx

For maximum effect it is recommended to read this series in one entire reading- you can do so on the combined blog post here Xx