Do you really want enlightenment?

Then the most important trait is sincerity. Sincerity of intent, sincerity of effort and sincerity of devotion all combine to create the ideal conditions for the cosmic accident to happen.

Sincerity of intent means making it about something much bigger than yourself. The enlightenment can never be just for you but must include the whole world, as the whole world cannot but change when viewed through enlightened consciousness. You become a vessel for the whole.

Sincerity of effort is about showing up. The path to enlightenment is rarely easy, with lots of stories, trauma and conditioning to be held up gently in the mirror of truth. There will be a massive temptation to quit. Yet through sincere effort, even when it feels like things are going wrong and no progress is being made, will eventually break through. Effort eventually becomes non-effort but even then the sincerity is the same. It just happens differently.

Sincerity of devotion is sometimes hard for us westerners, particularly males in my experience. Yet on the path to enlightenment the devotion to God must be total, giving you joy in the midst of pain and comfort in the times of turbulence. To be devoted is scary thing because it requires a dissolution of the feeling of being separate and a willingness to go beyond your own perceived interests. Of course devotion can be misplaced yet if it is aligned to a gentle innocent loving God not of this world, then it is hard to go far wrong.

With Love,

Jack Xx

For maximum effect it is recommended to read this series in one entire reading- you can do so on the combined blog post here Xx