Oh dear trauma you are most welcome here.

I didn’t ask for you on a human level but on a deeper spiritual level you were just what I needed to awaken from the dream of separation. The trauma was a gateway to enlightenment.

There is no need to force. Once you start to open up spiritually and dare I say emotionally too, then the traumas you are holding will come up slowly one at a time as your system is ready for it. Peace is the gentle acceptance of trauma. From this gentle acceptance comes a deep soft realisation that behind the stories, spiritualisation and suppression of trauma is a silence so deep that you can cope.

You can even cope with the parts of yourself that cannot cope. The silence is in the deep meditation, it is in your thoughts, it is in your emotions, it is in your body, it is in the bliss and it is buried deep within the very fabric of the over-whelming trauma itself. Nothing ever happened. Well in all fairness it sort of did on a human level but on a deeper level the divine was still playing it’s song and gently allowing you to participate fully in the human drama.

Practically there are three keys things when it comes to trauma in my experience. Be very gentle with yourself (just like a mother gently nurturing her child), explore trauma in the body (despite the temptation to transcend there is often a lot hidden there) and most of all by patient. Trauma takes time. 

Trauma you are welcome here and I honour your divine presence


Jack Xx 

For maximum effect it is recommended to read this series in one entire reading- you can do so on the combined blog post here Xx