Vibrant Health, Success and Happiness from Radiant Love

Deep down we all really want to have vibrant health, success and happiness in our lives. There are many ways to get to these things but I share a unique combination underpinned by radiant love, which will enable you to fall in love with your body, achieve inner and outer success in your life and attain consistent levels of happiness which comes from deep inside.

Are you tired of personal growth/spirituality that seems old school, out of touch with modern life and not able to help you despite the great claims?

Then look no further!! As a spiritual teacher with a fresh modern perspective I help spiritual seekers, those who want to heal and mindful leaders get the results they want. My variety is my strength. Unprecedented success as a young high performance sports coach, intensive personal work with many spiritual masters/teachers, trainings in yoga, meditation, tantra, energy work and soul readings and big company experience has allowed me to integrate a powerful spiritual awakening into everyday life for the upliftment of others into radiant love.

Radiant love is not isolation or theory. It is a deep heart-felt, soul-searching and at times deeply difficult journey into the unknown as you try to embody your full radiant potential. It is all-encompassing. You need to radiate love through having a powerful body that is vibrantly healthy, you need to radiate love through having a well trained mind that is at peace and you need to radiate love through having an open heart that looks to bring something of service and meaning into the world.

I help you embody radiant love through free blog/social media content, personal sessions to help spiritual seekers/those who want to heal and my mindful leaders program for visionary leaders who want to make a difference in the world.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With Love,


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“I am at a very transitional stage of my life. Whilst l was embracing these new opportunities, l was actually being quite unmotivated in terms of sorting out my working life. After a few sessions with Jack, l felt much more motivated and inspired, experiencing a burst of dynamic energy which l can only attribute to the meditations he gave me. Thank you very much to Jack for his guidance and straightforward, no-nonsense brand of practical spirituality which really helped me to up my game!”


“I had a 45 min coaching session over skype. Afterwards Jack sent me a written dynamic meditation and a guided audio meditation. The whole experience was very enlightening and I learned a lot about myself. Jack held space and I felt I could trust him and so was more free to talk openly and be vulnerable. I left the session feeling empowered and positive about my soul and life purpose. Thank you Jack”


“I was guided by Jack to discuss my spiritual awakening, through his expert intuition. I have received tremendous insights through Jack’s gifts to understand what happened and what needed to happen! The two meditations I was given to guide and heal on a subtle level were wonderfully powerful and healing. I definitely recommend Jack’s services, I feel very happy with what I’ve received “


“I came to Jack for help with my anxieties which would often show during the morning or evening ‘kid routine’. During our one on one sessions, Jack’s understanding and insights meant he was able to see the blocks I had in my way, without me knowing they existed. The personalised meditations Jack created cleared those blocks so I can now face those parts of my day with confidence and ease”


“Its been quite an interesting time, working with Jack’s three session healing process. With his assistance and guidance we moved through some challenging emotions and energy associated with career and family. The culmination, at first seemed like a huge conflict with a family member but because of Jacks careful coaching I was able to recognize what was happening and work mindfully through to clarity and peace for us both. These issues have sat with/in me for a long time. Thanks to Jack I am moving through and away, transitioning into my ‘real’ self.. PHEW and HOORAY!!! Much gratitude to you Jack Childs”


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